The background to T Watches is a story of passion for great watches matched with a passion for great quality. The founder, Marcus Abbott, has always believed that quality is paramount, whether it be in cars, boats, pens or watches, it always pays to invest in quality.

However, there is a problem if that quality is simply unaffordable. Many watches by leading manufacturers are now simply too expensive. We at T Watches have tackled this problem by producing a range of watches that are superb quality yet still affordable to everyone. By limiting the numbers of watches produced for each watch collection, they also retain that exclusivity we all desire.

There is a famous saying “class never goes out of style” and our watches are classic in style with timeless design cues that will still look good on the wrist in 20 or 30 years time.

Our watches are designed and built to last and to be worn everyday, they will look good whether you are out in the wilds, in the boardroom or any other occasion

The values that drive us can be distilled down to: Quality, Rarity and Value.


All our watches are crafted by hand in Switzerland and carry the prestigious “SWISS MADE” label which brings with it the assurance of quality in the components used and watch making processes and standards. We only use top quality industry recognised Swiss movements in our watches.

Our watches are built to last and we focus on producing watches that you will love and want to keep wearing long term.


All of our watch collections are limited editions. We don’t produce thousands of identical watches, you won’t find hundreds of them for sale on auction sites.

These are exclusive watches made in limited numbers with each collection having a maximum production of 999 pieces worldwide.


With limited production numbers and Swiss quality you might expect these watches to be expensive. As a company we are determined that our watches will be excellent value for money and affordable.

We don’t and won’t compromise on quality, so we focus on efficiency in all areas of production and marketing to bring these watches to you at prices that are real value for money.